Blood On the Altar

Confessions of a Jehovah's Witness Minister

 Par David A. Reed
Prometheus Books. New York, 1996.
ISBN : 1-57392-059-2

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Dos de la couverture (extrait du livre)

" There are men, women, and children in there ! " voices on the TV exclaimed in english. " Why don't they come out ? Why don't they send their kids out ? How can they watch their children die ? "
" Like millions of other Americans, I watched as Waco burned. But, unlike most others, I knew why the cultists remained inside with their children. T had heen in similar circumstances mvself. "
" More than that-I understood why they didn't come out. I sympathized with them. I knew how they felt. There was a time when I would have watched my child die. Like the Branch Davidian, I would have thought I was doing God's will... "
The faraway reality of JWs dying for lack of blood does not intrude on the average Witness's joie de vivre any more than Dachau or Auschwitz spoiled the parties and nightlife of National Socialist Berlin. But how will history judge the Watchtower movement as a whole ? Hopefully historians will have all the facts at their disposal, rather than the misconceptions that fill the minds of many today. Because I have seen the sect from the inside as an active member for thirteen years, and have since then had another thirteen years away from it to reflect on what I saw happening, I feel an obligation to supply some of those facts, both from personal experience and from extensive research. The story about the ongoing tragedy among Jehovah's Witnesses is a tale that must be told. Although putting it all together may be as distaste ful for me as sorting through the charred body parts remaining from the Waco fire, I have a duty to do so as an act of penance for my own share of responsibility.

Intérieur de la jacquette

In 1993 David Koresh led more than eighty Branch Davidians to their deaths in Waco, Texas. In 1978 some nine hundred follow ers perished in a mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, under the command of their cult leader, Jim Jones. These events sparked great media attention because of their sensation al nature, and because so many deaths oc curred at once.
But another cult has, over the years, sacrificed untold thousands of lives. These deaths, occurring quietly and one at a time, have so far escaped large-scale scrutiny. " More kids are dying right now, in obe dience to the Jehovah's Witness ban on blood transfusions, than perished in the fire at Waco ", says ex-Witness David A. Reed. This former elder, now widely recognized as a prominent authority on the sect, recounts his thirteen years as a Witness. In this live ly and engrossing book, drawing on his own experience as well as on extensive research, Reed explains his role in the Witnesses' door to-door work recruiting new members and details an enforcement apparatus that reach es even into clinics and hospitals. He brings to light recent instructions for Witness hospital employees to turn over information from confidential patient records to the church; he also describes how the Watchtower hier archy conducts bedside trials of members who accept forbidden medical treatments. This system extends to instructing parents to kidnap their children from hospital beds, and children themselves to resist doctors vio lently and to give false testimony in court.

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